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CBText: Reduces the Windows Clipboard contents to Plain Text
Version 6.0.100 - 13. February 2018


CBText (after)

What is CBText?

CBText is a Windows utility that will reduce the contents of the Windows Clipboard to plain text (if possible), and provides "Clippings" which can be quickly loaded into the Clipboard whenever they are needed.

Why CBText?

Many Windows applications place formated text in the Clipboard, while all you wanted was the plain text. When pasting the clipboard contents into another application, you either have to use the "Paste Special..." command, or reformat the text again. With CBText, a simple double-click on the taskbar symbol will reduce the clipboard contents to plain text, so that the Paste command will paste the text only.

CBText also supports stored "Clippings" which can be quickly recalled into the Windows clipboard, for example, when you need mulitple e-mail signatures, disclaimer texts, etc.

Release History

6.0.20012-Feb-2018Added "Cloud Clippings" functionality.
5.0.10021-Feb-2016Complete rewrite. Added "Clippings" function. Additional "Viewer" functionality.
4.0.05018-Apr-2006Enhanced "Viewer" functionality. Added the Exit dialog.
3.0.0448-Apr-2004Added the "Options" dialog and basic "Viewer" functionality.
2.1.04029-Mar-2004Added the "Keep UNICODE" option for registered versions.
2.0.03612-Jan-2003First major update. Automatic conversion option, Undo, etc.
1.1.01804-May-2001Minor cosmetic improvements.
1.0.01529-Apr-2001Initial Shareware release.



Downloading CBText

  1. Download the cbtext/cbinstall60.exe file from (Switzerland) or (Germany)
    and store it into a temporary directory, e.g. C:\TEMP
  2. Double-click on the cbinstall60.exe file to install CBText.

The cbinstall60.exe program is a delivery shell for the cbtext60.msi installer. The following options are available with cbinstall60.exe:

--extract (or) /XExtracts the MSI file only (without starting the installation).
--dir (or) /D [path]Specifies where the MSI file should be stored.
--keep (or) /KSpecifies that the MSI file is not deleted after installation.
--quiet (or) /QHides the progress window (in implies --keep).
--version (or) /VDisplays the version information for both CBText and the installer.
--help (or) /?Displays these instructions.

The registered version of CBText has an option to automatically start CBText when Windows starts, so that it is always available in the Windows taskbar.

After trying CBText for 30 days, if you like what you see and would like to continue using it, please Register your copy to unlock its full potential! Thank you!



Why Register?

The following table shows some of the features that are enabled when CBText has been registered:

Convert the Clipboard contents to plain text**
Convert the Clipboard contents to plain text automatically*
Convert the Clipboard contents to UPPER or lower case**
Empty the Clipboard**
View the Clipboard contents**
Store permanent Clippings310
Permanent Clippings formatTextText, Rich Text, HTML
Permanent Clippings size750 chars2000 chars
Cloud Clippings*

How to Register

The personal license for CBText costs only EUR 12,50. Just click the Buy Now button above to order on-line via BMTMicro.

For more information about bulk or corporate licenses, please contact the author (see below).

Screen Shots


Screen Shots

CBText (before)CBText (after)
I copied some text from a MS Word document ...... and clicked the "Reduce to Text" button.

For more information about the full range of features, Download CBText and try it out for 30 days. If you like what you see and would like to continue using it, please Register your copy to unlock its full potential! Thank you!



v6.0.200 - 12. February 2018

  • New functionality: Cloud Clippings.
    • Clippings: Clippings can now be synchronized to the "Cloud". These Clippings are secure - they are encrypted before being sent over the network.
    • CBText will now check for updates when starting (this can be turned off in the Options.
    • Added the Add Clipping command to the Clippings menu. This is the same function as the the [+] button in the View dialog.
    • Renamed the Manage Clippings command to Local Clippings in the Clippings menu.
    • Added the Cloud Clippings command to the Clippings menu.
    • Added the Check for update command to the Help menu.
    • Updated the PNG and ZIP libraries to the lastes releases.

v5.0.100 - 21. February 2016

  • New functionality: Stored Clippings.
    • Clippings: A new menu shows stored Clippings that can be loaded into the Clipboard.
    • Clippings: The new Clippings menu is also available for quick selection when CBText has been minimized to the task bar.
    • Clippings: The Manage Clippings dialog has been added. Clippings can be renamed and/or deleted here.
    • Clippings: The Undo option is available when a Clipping is loaded (for both registered and unregistered versions).
    • Clippings: The registered version of CBText supports up to 10 Clippings of up to 2000 text characters. Each Clipping is stored as plain text, rich text (if available) and HTML (if available).
    • Clippings: The shareware version of CBText supports three Clippings of up to 750 characters in length. The shareware version only stores the plain text.
  • Major update of the View functionality.
    • View: PNG and JFIF (JPEG) images are now shown as images.
    • View: Rich Text Format text is shown as formatted text.
    • View: New option Show Source displays the source of the image files as hex bytes.
    • View: The dialog window was re-arranged to show a larger version of the image.
    • View: The scaling routine was corrected so that the images should now be scaled correctly in the window.
    • View: Added the [+] button to create a stored Clipping.
  • Other changes
    • The main window now shows the current Clipboard formats sorted alphabetically.
    • The Options dialog is now accessed via the File menu, instead of having its own menu. The old menu location is now used for the Clippings menu.
    • The registration codes are now using the Whirlpool encryption algorithm. Registration codes from earlier versions of CBText will not be recognized in this version. License upgrades will be available free of charge - just send your CBText v4.0 license information to the author and I will reply with a Version 5.0 license key, normally within 48 hours.
    • Added a new "Credits" button to the "About" window to show the versions and copyright information of libraries used in CBText.
    • All (URL and E-mail) links now point to instead of, although both continue to be maintained.
    • The graphics have been revised to more closely match the Windows 10 color scheme.

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