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InfoAUTO-PLAY - An easy-to-use AUTO-PLAY function for your CDs and DVDs

AUTO-PLAY is a simple way to add a professional Auto-Play feature to your CDs, and DVDs. The registered version of AUTO-PLAY supports a personalised 'splash screen' graphic and playing music (Wave or MIDI) while the desired application or document is being loaded. This release also includes the all new Auto-Play Configuration Utility and Auto-Play Menu (APMenu) Utility.

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22. Feb. 2016
2316 Kb Personal License
13.50 €
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49.00 €
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InfoCBText - Reduces the Windows Clipboard contents to Plain Text

CBText is a utility for Windows (≥XP) that will remove the formatting of any text in the Windows Clipboard. Version 5.0 now offers "permanent clippings" which can be quickly loaded into the Clipboard when needed.

DownloadCBText Download (Switzerland)
DownloadCBText Download (Germany)
12. Feb. 2018
2379 Kb Shareware
9.50 €
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InfoPlot2EMF - HPGL Plot to Windows MetaFile Conversion Utility

Plot2EMF is a Windows (≥XP) utility that will convert HP-GL and HP-GL/2 plot files (e.g. .PLT files generated by AutoCAD) to a Windows Enhanced MetaFile format that can then be copied or imported into various Windows-based applications.

DownloadPlot2EMF Download Switzerland
DownloadPlot2EMF European download
23. Feb. 2016
3364 Kb Shareware
19.50 €
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Windows Command Line Utilities

Each of the following Windows Command Line Utilities is FREE and includes both the an executable program and the underlying C source code and makefiles.

InfoNAMEDATE - Rename a file to include a date

NAMEDATE is a FREE command line utility for Windows that will change the name of a given file to include today's date. For example, a file name somefile.ext will be renamed to somefile 25-Dec-2014.ext when NAMEDATE somefile.ext is run.

DownloadNameDate Download Switzerland
DownloadNameDate European download
11. Feb. 2019
87 Kb Freeware
US$ 0.00
InfoCLIP2TXT - Copy the contents of the Windows Clipboard to a text file

CLIP2TXT is a FREEWARE Windows command line utility for Windows command files. CLIP2TXT will copy the contents of the Windows Clipboard to the screen or to a file.

DownloadCLIP2TXT Download Switzerland
DownloadCLIP2TXT European download
06. December 2016
53 Kb Freeware
US$ 0.00
InfoTEXT2CLP - Copy the contents of a text file into the Windows Clipboard

TEXT2CLP is a FREEWARE command line utility for Windows batch files. TEXT2CLP will copy the contents of a file to the Windows Clipboard.

DownloadTEXT2CLP Download Switzerland
DownloadTEXT2CLP European download
06. December 2016
52 Kb Freeware
US$ 0.00

Perl Scripts (e.g. for WWW CGI scripts)

DISPCSV - Script to display a comma-separated-values file (exported from MS Excel) as an HTML table (sorted by various columns)

DownloadDISPCSV Download Switzerland
DownloadDISPCSV European download
8. Apr. 1998 4 Kb Freeware
US$ 0.00
DOW - Compute the day of the week (for any date since the middle ages)

DownloadDOW Download Switzerland
DownloadDOW European download
21. Jan. 1999 1 Kb Freeware
US$ 0.00

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